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Managed by Strategic Risk Solutions, Vermont’s leading captive management firm, you as a Green Mountain customer are guaranteed a level of service that is second to none.

Providing a full range of captive management services in the formation of captives and their on-going operation, SRS services are tailored to fit your company’s individual needs. A strict peer review process is in place to ensure the accuracy and quality of our work including an annual stewardship report detailing our activities during the year. 

The Vermont Regulatory Advantage

More than 1,200 companies have already realized the advantages of captive insurance operations licensed in Vermont. 

Vermont’s success can be attributed to a combination of factors, including the ongoing leadership of Vermont’s state government. They continue to uphold Vermont’s longstanding tradition of providing solid support for this state’s captive industry. This ensures that as the captive industry changes, captive legislation in this state evolves.

Vermont continues to be recognized as a quality domicile by captive owners, brokers, regulators, and others in the industry due to its high level of professionalism. An ever-increasing number of companies like yours are further recognizing Vermont as their captive insurance domicile of choice.

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